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Leading Overtime Lawyer – Most Common Employee Pitfalls

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Professional workplaces are venues where you can flourish and improve your career. Unfortunately, the corporate world is also a place where employer abuse takes place in different forms. One way to combat employer theft and other salary-related problems is through hiring the leading overtime lawyer. Without legal background and know-how, employees and workers often find themselves the victim in the scenario. You will no longer be in the losing end if you have the leading overtime lawyer on your side. Legal representatives help you pursue your case and successfully get the compensation you deserve. There are common pitfalls that most employees fall into. Only the assistance of the leading overtime lawyer can save you from the misfortunes of wage and employer theft. For instance, you need to pursue a case if you are not paid for your OT or off the clock tasks. Employers cannot require you to do work-related errands through lunch or on your way off or to work.

Essential Notes from the Leading Overtime Lawyer

One of the common mistakes of workers is that they assume that their employers will classify them in the right category to be entitled for overtime pay. Salaried employers are still entitled to overtime, depending on your case or job duties. The right classification depends on the work you perform and not your status as a salaried employee. You can have more detailed explanation regarding your status with the assistance of the leading overtime lawyer leading overtime lawyer. Make sure that you are fully equipped with the right and complete legal knowledge. It will be your downfall if you allow your employer to wrongfully classify. Some employers intentionally make their regular employees “independent contractor” in order to escape OT payments. Consult the leading overtime lawyer if your work description is far from being an independent contractor. There are employers that would also pay their employees “straight time” rates instead of the accurate OT rate which is 1 ½ of the hourly rate. The leading overtime lawyer is tasked to let you understand your legal rights particularly in receiving your overtime rate. Thus, the best step for you to take is to arrange an initial consultation or case evaluation with an attorney. It is when you will know if you have a strong case or not.

Employees sometimes commit the mistake that disqualifies them to receive their OT compensation. For instance, if you don’t keep track of their OT hours, then you will have no proof of your claim. Take note that you need to monitor the time you spent off the clock especially if your boss don’t make you clock in and clock out. This is unethical and improper and the leading overtime lawyer will tell you exactly that. Employees must also learn to set boundaries for their work hours as well as job expectations. If you don’t know how to say no to your boss, then you would end up in the losing end. Find the leading overtime lawyer for your case with Florida Overtime Lawyer!