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Create Your Own Website

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When the internet was first introduced, it was required that you knew computer coding in order to create a website but today software has been developed that does all the coding for you and so anyone can now have their own website. There are three things you will need in order to create your own website though and the first is a name for the site. This is known as the domain name and it will be unique to you and your website.

However, as there are already millions of sites online, you should be prepared to have to try several before you find one that hasn’t already been taken. The second thing you will need is website development software as this is the software that translates your requirements into computer coding. The third thing you will need is someone to host your website. A host is a server which connects websites to the worldwide web making them available for anyone to see. Some websites like Godaddy can provide you with all three of these things but that is an exception as usually you will be required to get each of the three things from different sites.

Although each of these services cost money, the fees are very reasonable and so should not be a prohibiting factor for most people. If you would like to spend even less though you can look for any promotions as there are usually many available online. As an example, if you follow this link you can find out about Godaddy promos.

If you are considering getting a website you would want that website to be as good as it possibly could be and that is no problem as this software is responsible for 60% of the websites already seen online, including some of the best ones. You will though have to be able to make the most of the software in order to create a great site and so here are a few things that you should perhaps keep in mind whilst creating your website.

• Good Domain Name – You will want to find a domain name that although being relevant to what your site is about, is also catchy and so it will stick in people’s minds so that they will be able to easily remember and hopefully revisit.
• Good Home Page – The home page is the very first page that search engines direct visitors to and so that needs to be good in order to capture a visitor’s attention long enough to see what the site has to offer.
• Good Site Map – You probably will not be able to have everything on your home page and so on your home page you will need to have an easy to understand site map so visitors can quickly find what they want.
• Maintenance – As return visitors account for most of a website’s total visitors, it is necessary to maintain your site with updates and even new material on a regular basis.